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cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedure in the world. it is safe and proven treatment for cataracts.It is the opportunity to regain sharper , clearer vision and improve the quality of your life. Our OPD has the best Topcon slit lamp with anterior segment camera(5 mp) and autorefractometer so as to have accurate measurements and A –Scan Biometry from Alcon ., USA. So the IOL power is accurate.
Our OT has all the necessary equipments and anesthetic monitors making even difficult and high risk surgeries end smoothly , so as to make it almost a Day Care procedures. Hospital also gives wide range of options of foldable lenses both Indian and foreign IOL's ( Intra Occular Lenses) for the patients , so as to suit their requirements.
At present we do Refractive Surgery cases are performed in different hospital as per patient convience.


In phacoemulsification, ultrasound power is used to break the hard cataract into minute pieces, which are then sucked out through a small 1.5-2.8mm incision. A foldable lens (IOL) of the required power is then implanted.
The soft construction allows the lens implant to be folded for insertion through a 1.5 to 2.8mm micro incision.
Once in place, the lens unfolds to its regular size of 6 mm.

Monofocal Lenses(Indian & Imported)

They are good for distance vision correction

Multifocal IOL's :(Alcon-Restore, Abott Medicals- Tecnis 1, Zeiss-Asphina)
The latest multifocal IOLs are designed to provide good distance vision, intermediate and near vision. They reduce the patient's dependence on glasses for routine activities. Unlike conventional IOL it has multiple zones of different focal lengths that bring everything from near to far into clear focus. These lenses can be used only for suitable patients.

o   High Contrast Aspheric IOL's
o   Toric IOL's for Astigmatism
o   Monitored Anaesthesia Care


Sankalp Nethralaya believes early detection of glaucoma is the most important thing. Patient are regularly screen for glaucoma here, OPD has the latest 3 mirror and hand held 4 mirror gonioscope (VOLK lens), Applanation Tonometer from Hagg Streeitt ., Switzerland. For the check of anterior chamber angles and the intraocular pressures (IOP) respectively. It also has the latest BOSCH Non Mydriatic fundus camera to take the photographs of the disc with details of RNFL and macula. At present the Perimetry i.e., visual field test is outsourced. soon it will be made in hospital by this year end.



We are equipped with latest BOSCH NON MYDRIATIC fundus camera so that diagnose of retinal pathological conditions is made easier . hospital has all other facilities to cater for medical retinal cases, like PRP , intravitreal injections ( Leucentis and Avastin). Hospital also specialises in Diabetic Retinopathy Management.
Complete fundus evaluation in myopes before counselling for Refractive Surgery.

Sankalp Nethralaya recently added OCT Machine for Retina Services
Single 3D Retina examination is enough to perform both Retina and Glaucoma analysis based on retinal scans. Software automatically recognizes 8 retina layers. Thus allowing a more precise diagnosis and mapping of any changes in the patient’s Higher sensitivity spectrometer allows to visualize finer details.


Our specialists in plasty handle all kind of cases . we specialise in orbital implants with prosthesis post evisceration and enucleation. DCR and DCT, Ptosis, lid surgeries (entropion and Ectropion), ocular trauma .
Ocular reconstruction and oncology



Sankalp opticals is located within the hospital near the reception area . There are a wide variety of frames, sunglasses, safety eye wear, etc. Selecting new spectacles can be daunting, whether you're buying your first pair or you've worn them all your life. . Sankalp Opticals has a variety of frames and lenses for all age groups. With a state–of-the-art infrastructure, open display systems, wide range of choice and premium lenses and exclusive frames are displayed in the showroom where a customer can try and wear any frame of his/ her choice and style. All the leading global brands like Ray Ban, Vogue, Calvin Klein, Carrera, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Stepper, Scott, Lexus are available for purchase. Patients are given expert guidance on the choice of frames and lens. Every spectacle order delivered are effectively verified and checked by in house optometrist for 100% accuracy comparing with the prescription generated by the Ophthalmologist. Patients can look forward for a hassle free new spectacle wearing experience.

Frames are available in metal, poly carbonate and gold. Lenses are available for single vision, bi-focal (Kryptoc & D), Multifocal and Progressive. A wide range of branded sunglasses are also available. Post-operative dark glasses can also be purchased here.

Sankalp opticals caters to small children's optical needs. The kids section has a stock of special lenses for kids, funky frames from well known brands

A full trial set of soft conventional, disposable, RGP lenses, and other specialty lenses are available for trial purposes.


Leader in digital dispensing technology that delivers an accurate precise and consistent way to fit your ever evolving patient needs IS RECENTLY ADDED TO THE HOSPITAL



Recently Sankalp Nethralaya added the new Pharmacy outlet in house so as to help the patients.


At Sankalp Dental Clinic we offer the latest dental technique and cutting edge technology in order to ensure our patients' oral health and dental appearance is always at its best.
With oral health at the top of our agenda dental care available ranges from essential preventive dentistry to complex care including:
o   Dental implants
o   Orthodontics
o   Oral surgery
o   Treatment of gum diseases,
o   Root canal treatment and complex reconstructive dentistry.
o   Teeth whitening
o   Bridges and crown
o   Complete and partial dentures.
Whether you are looking for a complete smile makeover or for caring and relaxed general dentistry be assured that we are passionate about dental health.We pride ourselves in giving our patients long lasting high quality care and the confidence of a healthy beautiful smile.


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080 22580466
+91 9739724666
Emergency Call - +919538530587


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85/1,19th Main, Near Gnan Srishti School, Sector 1 HSR Layout,
Bangalore -560 102.


85/1,19th Main, Near Gnan Srishti School, Sector 1 HSR Layout,
Bangalore -560 102.